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Gary Clark



Gary Clark is the Founder of Gary Clark Incorporated (GCI). GCI is a business development and marketing company which partners with the expertise of other companies, industries and individuals. GCI's and Mr. Clark's primary focus is to create experiences with his partners target audiences and give that audience a reason to want to utilize his partners product or services by providing them with unforgettable experiences. Clark is also a former National Football League Player. 

Clark takes pride in his accomplishments as an NFL Player as he is a Two-Time Super Bowl Champion of the Washington Redskins; a Two-Time MVP of the Washington Redskins, a Three-Time NFL All-Pro, a Four-Time NFL Pro Bowler, Eight-Time All-Madden Team Recipient, One of the 70th Greatest Redskins of All-Time, a Washington Redskins Ring of Honor Member and Inducted into the Washington, DC Sports Hall-of-Fame. 

A graduate of James Madison University with a bachelor's degree of Science in Social Science, Clark started GCI with the understanding that he wanted to have an "actionable plan" that would build a company where integrity, creativity, focus and innovation represented the foundation and the primary formula for success.


This mentality allows Clark and his team to work towards achieving maximum results for their clients. Clark states, "Gary Clark Incorporated focuses on 3 primary objectives: Brand Enhancement for our clients, Revenue Growth for our clients and unforgettable Client Engagement with their target audience and customer base. If we concentrate on those 3 objectives with focus, persistence, creativity and integrity; everyone participating in this formula will be successful." 

Gary, as he likes to be called, as he thinks Mr. Clark is too formal, is excited to be a co-founder of the MVSG. He enjoys this new challenge because it is allowing him to relive his football past in the present with his teammates and closest friends. Clark truly believes that the MVSG will redefine how the METAVERSE is perceived and how those sports fans participating in the METAVERSE will truly enjoy the real-life-experiences that the MVSG will be providing for them, their families, clients and friends. Mr. Clark states, "We are Changing the METAVERSE Game."

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