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gci's nfl legend youth mentorship academy

welcome to gci's nfl legend youth mentorship program

Below please find the details of GCI's Youth Mentorship Academy. Allowing Youth to Experience the Magic, ON and OFF The Field!

GCI's NFL Legend Youth Mentorship Academy 

Empowering Student Athletes To Reach Their Full Potential  

NOTE: To Enroll Now Simply Click This Link

The GCI NFL Legend Sports & Entertainment Division has joined forces with preeminent business professionals and NFL Legends to collaborate and share their different successes, failures and life experiences with student athletes in a mentorship program headed by 2X Super Bowl Champion, Gary Clark's, NFL Legend Youth Mentorship Academy. The Mentorship Academy is anchored by NFL Legends and Super Bowl Champions with years of collegiate and NFL experience and some of the best business minds in the area. Our business professionals and NFL legends take pride in having the most dynamic mentorship program available to youth in your area.  Experience our innovative mentoring program and life changing strategies.  At the NFL Legend Mentorship Academy a student athlete will find everything needed to grow and succeed on and off the field.

our Mentorship program
Has been crafted to offer your student athlete a pairing of mentorship from NFL Legends and area business professionals. The pairing combines a stream of knowledge and instruction from our NFL Legends including sponsor specific on-field analysis with continued mentorship instruction from a business professional in a career your student athlete is interested in possibly pursuing one day.  Each sponsored student athlete will receive a specialized training program and learn trade secrets from our NFL Legends and off field coaching tips from their paired business professional. 

our purpose
To enable and inspire your student athlete to reach their full potential.  Imagine a place where there are no limits, where one's destiny stays on course and truly becomes their reality, and what drives them today ensures their achievement for tomorrow. Your student athlete will come to know that with the proper mindset and dedication to purpose that they too can achieve in the future what both their mentors have achieved and more. Imagine a place that inspires one to push past one's own limitations. The NFL Legend Mentorship Academy is a place where your student athlete's dreams are just a reality waiting to happen. At the NFL Legend Mentorship Academy we feel we truly do have the formula for success.  Our purpose is simple... Make sure each student athlete is destined to succeed by inspiring, motivating and providing them with the knowledge necessary for them to succeed and meet their full potential.

our core values
In understanding that there is no greater barometer in determining one’s success than what lies deep within one's soul, we work under the credence that every student athlete who makes the commitment to step within our program will attack each second with a hunger, focus, and dedicated purpose in knowing what that step means.

what we do
Challenge student athletes of all ages and abilities.  Nowhere will you find a more driven mentorship staff that is committed to taking all attending student athletes to the next level in the quest to fulfill their dreams. Our CEO's, business professionals, NFL Legends, selected coaches-aid, interns and supporting sponsors are a passionate, highly-motivated team dedicated to ensuring our student athletes get their shot of taking their love for sport and education to the pinnacle where they will define a new level of their sport and business.

2X Super Bowl Champion, Gary Clark and our NFL Legends have created the perfect model for student athletes to develop in ways that ensures the type of fulfillment and yearning for a singular purpose never seen or attained before. Our CEO's, business professionals and NFL Legends alike offer challenging concepts and instruction that maximizes the abilities and results for student athletes of all ages and all skill levels.

our nfl Mentorship academy

Designed/developed to improve focus, mind strength and enhanced performance. We take pride in calling upon the skills, proven results, and true game experiences of our NFL Legends and Super Bowl Champions and the business savvy, fortitude and proven success of our CEO's and business professionals. Our CEO's and NFL Legends strategies and training methodologies are quite simply unmatched. No matter the skill level of student athletes participating in our program the NFL Legend Mentorship Academy will help in guiding to take their game on and off the field to the next level.

our legacy
Where champions become leaders.  Our Mentorship Academy is dedicated to helping student athletes maximize their true potential and fulfill childhood dreams of capturing championship trophies and MVP awards in a sea of appreciation and respect of their peers. It is our intent to inspire and help student athletes of all ages who have the passion, commitment, focus and competitive spirit to attain success on the Gridiron while also enjoying success in all other aspects of their lives.

where it all begins
Imagine an atmosphere dedicated to creating the world’s best and most focused student athletes. Where there are no limits that the mind and dedication to purpose can't achieve and where destiny is just reality about to happen.  Here at the Mentorship Academy, athletic enrichment and athletic skill development represent only a portion of the training athletes receive. Utilizing the knowledge and experiences of our CEO's and business professionals as well as our NFL Legends is sure to create an innovative curriculum that addresses all key areas of performance, where we challenge each individual to become champions on and off the field and leaders in their everyday life.

what we seek to accomplish
At the Mentorship Academy, we seek to work towards placing our student athletes at a college, university, business or trade school. Our goal is to have our student athletes attend an institution that understands our student athletes goal of moving onto that next level of competition they have been dreaming about and pushing towards their entire life.

where we seek to head
In the world of sports, the game gets faster, stronger, and smarter with the passing of each day. To stay ahead of the competition, our efforts to push beyond the boundaries of performance are guided by our dedication of purpose, inspired by innovation and thought, and fueled by the simple hint of gaining victory because of our dedication to purpose, thought, innovation and inspiration.

Our Academy is the future of on/off field performance and although we can’t predict what the future may hold, we do predict that a continued pursuit of excellence will eventually get the one pursuing it somewhere extremely special.

to get started

Simply click here and complete the form and a NFL Legend will contact  you with instructions on moving forward. NOTE: To inquire about becoming a sponsor simply TEXT the word YOUTH SPONSOR to 571-314-5753.


NFL Legend Youth Mentorship Sign-Up Here



ASHLEY HOLZWORTH @540.419.6902


SHELBY WRIGHT @540.273.2749

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